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 MEMBERSHIP, how it works

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PostSubject: MEMBERSHIP, how it works   Mon 23 Nov - 22:18

Hi!  This board is dedicated to Bells, a very prolific and longtime real-life friend (25 years +)/author (21 years in the making thus far as of 2015).  This is a safe haven for her work and a close-knit portion of her most loyal and dedicated fans.  

If you are lucky to have received a personal invitation from her on the various  websites she has posted on before, click on the 'Register' button up above, fill in the fields and a member of the staff will verify if your name is on the list of lucky ones she has invited.  If you are, your membership will be activated shortly.  If not, I am sorry to say but no dice.  This is a CLOSED community and access is by invitation ONLY.

Once you have been activated as a member of the community, your will go through a trial period of a month before permanently joining the community.  This was set by Brannos and I in order to keep this website running actively and beautifully for Bells.  This board is a gift from her to us, loyal and devoted readers of her stories. She doesn't have to share with us but she chooses to, of her own free will.

Your community membership is valid as long as you keep being active.  

If, for some reason, you fail to log in for 3 months for no valid reason or no reason at all (we do understand life can get in the way but it's not hard to leave a note), you will be moved to the probation group.  

After 3 more months, your membership will be cancelled and you will be placed in the Old Inactive Member group.  You will not have access to any of Bells' work any longer.

At any time, a member of the community can communicate with Brannos, Bells or I in order to terminate their membership and have their account permanently erased.

Many of her fans on various websites have expressed their wishes to join this community, therefore a list of potential members has been created. When a membership is either terminated or annulled, the next name on that list will be sent an invitation.

It will be impossible for an ex-member or returning member to gain back their membership once the maximum of 30 (we are now NEARING CAP) has been reached.  Think carefully when you decide to take a hiatus or leave because there will be no turning back.

We hope you will enjoy the wonderful talent of our author and share your thoughts on her stories as they are gradually posted.
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MEMBERSHIP, how it works
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