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 Find the Player Event, Sunday February 21 2016 @ 7 pm server

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PostSubject: Find the Player Event, Sunday February 21 2016 @ 7 pm server   Sat 20 Feb - 17:06

Welcome, welcome!  Please take the time to read these:


1- Be present on Ventrilo, whether you can talk or not.

2- You need to also be present in this custom channel: Bellsevents.  In order to join that custom channel (that will be used for us to talk while the event is underway and to avoid flooding guild chat), type /join Bellsevents  The password is Fun.

3- Minimum level requirement to participate is 60, as you need flying.

4- Bring your happy face and your good attitude with you!  Test your knowledge of the game and bit of lore.

How it will work:

1- You have a total of 45 minutes allotted to find the hidden player/per player.

2- There will be 4 rounds, as I have hidden 4 players in the world.  Today, they will be hidden in the Eastern Kingdoms only.

3- Each round will begin with an offering requirement of my choosing.  I will need you to go get that offering and bring it to me in a main city.  I will let you know beforehand where I am located.

4- Once you have brought the offering to me, you will be presented with a challenge in the form of a question (you will be asked to choose between 3 possibility) with a choice of answers.  
If you answer right, you will automatically receive the riddle to the location of the hidden player.  
However, if you answer wrong, you will be tasked to get me another offering and once you have, faced with the same question.  
Should you fail for a second time, a third offering will be required and you will once again be asked the same question.  
If you fail once more, you will have to pay a small fine (100 gold) in order to move on and get the riddle to the location of the hidden player.

This challenge was added to give more chances to random people, as I know some of you are well versed in lore and game mechanics.

I also added the possibility of 3 questions so not everyone gets the same.

5- Once you receive the riddle, time to solve it!  There will only be hints if nobody has found the hidden player 15 and 10 minutes before the allotted 45.  However, I highly doubt we will even reach that.

6- The first 5 participants who find the hidden player and /dance with it will receive 100 gold.

7- The round will come to a close once the seventh or eighth player has /dance with it.  Participants will accrue points according to the rank they reached the hidden player, in increments of 100s.  The faster you did, the higher your points.

Because of the points system, it is possible that two players, upon last compilation, will be tied.  If that is the case, they will /roll 100 to determine who takes precedence over the other.

**Reminder: This is a competition.  Please, do not disclose the locations to your fellow participants once you have found them to ensure fair chances at getting points.**


1st place: A mount of choice + 5000 gold

2nd place: A set of Highmaul Pets + 3000 gold

3rd place: A set of Crashin Trashin Toys + 1500 gold

4th place: 1000 gold

5th place: 500 gold

Participation prizes:

Instead of announcing the participation prizes here, all I am going to say is that you will be rolling for 14 mystery gifts.  They can contain a mount, pet, toy or letter indicating an amount of gold.  What you get is random as I have already wrapped them so I have no idea what it in them specifically.

You can win more than once but no more than 3 times.

Lady of Inspiration

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Find the Player Event, Sunday February 21 2016 @ 7 pm server
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